Friday, 9 January 2015

holidays new year's and birthdays

Hi Everybody,
Sorry we haven't blogged in so long.  If you want more details of what we have been up to, check out our instagram account: hfxgirltoo, it's not just a doll account though by the way.

We're going to start of with a recap of some events from October, a birthday and halloween, this part will be done by Lucie and Cecile, since it was their birthday:

These are leggings that we got as a birthday present, they were from an etsy shop. MoiAussiDesigns

laptop and mini cecile doll.  Cecile is excited to get a doll that shared her name.

pumpkin carving
Costume party!!! The catsears headbands worked out really well and were super cute, the idea came from doll dairies.

And now some of Yoko's adventures like attending the nutcracker in this photo.  A local girl who has become a professional ballet dancer and who is our one of our guardian's favorite dancers ever, was back home to dance the role of Clara.

Our ginger 2014 entry.  It won the lifetime achievement award, for entering so many contests over the years and never winning anything before:)  The prize was 2 tickets to a Ballet BC performance here in Halifax in february.

ballerina ornament!!!!
opening a family gift (AG pet carrier)
Watching a movie on New Year's eve (we watched Despicable Me, we all enjoyed it).
GOTY 2015 countdown, 9 seconds to go
Happy Birthday Sophia and Emma.
And last but not least introducing Jasmine (the blond) and Tovah.  They are makies, 3D printed poseable dolls that are close to barbie doll size (they are designed and printed and assembled in the UK).

Happy New Year from us all to you all.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ma Jumelle: Cecile

Hello Everybody, Bonjour!!!
This is Lucie speaking.  I have mentioned before that I had a sister but I didn't say that she was my twin.  I like her fine but we aren't really 100% best friends but I am OK with her coming and living here in Halifax with the rest of us.

Obviously we are identical, that's me on the left and Cecile on the right (wearing the skirt).

Picking earrings.  We were finally allowed to get our ears pierced, we did this when I was back home in France over the summer.  we came back to Halifax together.
First picture with my ears pierced.  It hurt less than I had thought it would :)

Cecile's earrings. She found it more painful than I did.

Our dogs meetings each other.  The smaller one is mine.

We took a trip to the ocean while I was home in France.

Helping my sister with her English homework.  We love our new binders.

Here's a little gymnastics, this was taken here in Halifax.  Zoe is doing the handstands and I am holding Cecile's feet.

And to celebrate the arrival of fall, here is a harvest photo, Zoe and a zucchini (she has fallen in love with the blue clip in hair streaks).

that's it for now.

And to those who celebrate, happy Rosh Hashanah, l shanah tova.  Happy Jewish New Year (arrives at sundown tonight).  Check out our instagram feed (@hfxgirltoo) later tonight for Rosh Hashanah photos.  May your new year be sweet and blessed.

A bientot
p.s. sorry for the missing accents in this post on the french words, not sure how to get those keyboard changes in this blog context

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Birthdays plus some extra catching up

Hi Everybody,
Sorry we haven't posted in so long.  Warning:  this post has a LOT of photos

Having fun outside before our birthday (Chloe and Zoe)  Chloe wants a turn with the bike.

Chloe getting a turn on the bike and Zoe is drawing with chalk.  Oops, we forgot to use our helmets, good thing we were staying in the driveway.
drawing with chalk together.
We drew a hopscotch
and now for our birthday which was on June 14th, also our guardian's half birthday.

zelfs!!!  They look a lot like trolls used to look like check out their website:

ugli dolls:  handsome panther and ninja batty shogun

we got a laptop too.

Mini Molly and Mini Ivy.  Zoe has since lost Molly's glasses unfortunately, she is upset about this.

these are year of the horse, this year is our year according to the chinese horoscope, pottery charms.  The chinese new year is also celebrated in Japan.
Homemade pizza, here is proof we didn't just eat cake.

Here is a birthday present we almost forgot about.  We love these locally made mini sweater monsters.  They are made by
Lissa got her ears pierced :)
From Canada Day, Lissa colored the end of her hair red and the dye got on her white shorts and jacket, luckily it washed out easily.

Amaya and Yoko had a birthday too (july 11th).  they celebrated by going to the pool at our guardian's grandmother's apartment building not far from where we live.

Don't have any photos but they also had cake and got a few presents too.  Their favorites are: fancy paper for Amaya and a new leotard for Yoko.

that's it for now.

Zoe and Chloe and friends :) :) :) :) :)