Thursday, 27 June 2013

Amaya update and thoughts on new AG items

Hi Everybody,
This is Yoko guest posting.  First of all, sorry that this post is all text and no photos.
So, today my guardian called up AG to see where the heck Amaya was.  The news was not good.  Apparently she got stuck at the returns centre in Markham Ontario Canada.  But the nice lady in tracking at AG found this out and Amaya should be on her way shortly to the doll hospital and then home I hope.  Sadly, she won't be back by our birthday on July 11th.  We will have to celebrate when she gets home.

On another note, what do you guys think of the new AG items?  I particularly like the peacock pjs, the purple espadrilles shoes.  I also really like the hair extensions and I plan on getting those in the future, Amaya will want the purple one.
There is a new socks and tights set that I also like, we have the old one at our house.  I kind of like the braided headband too.  I like a lot of the items but these are the ones we are mostly likely to get down the road:)

So which ones are your favorites and you want to get?

That's it for now.
Yoko :)

Monday, 24 June 2013

construction and updates!!!!!!

Hi Everybody,
This is Sophia and Emma.  I know another post actually by us:)

Here is the construction.  Don't mind Yoko, it is her room that is getting WALLS finally.  This way her stuffies won't fall on to the floor or into the bathroom (next door to her room).  Our mom's sewing teacher has a new awesome studio space and they used coroplast to make the walls so that there was privacy (it isn't see through) but light can still get through (they are using a very pale almost colorless kind of white).  The sewer teacher gave our mom some small pieces of red left over from a project so that we could experiment with it. If you don't know what we're talking about, it's like corrugated cardboard except made out of plastic

And the other wall is up now too.

Here's what the room looks like with both beds and all the other furnishings and stuff back in it.

And for the update:
Mum decided not to order Alexis from Via E just now because she found out yesterday that Molly is going to be archived/retired by AG :(
Because Molly looks so much much like our mum's grandma, who was just a year older than Molly in Happy Birthday Molly, our mum has wanted to get Molly for a long time.

Here is a collage of a photo of our mum's grandma from 1944 and a photo of Molly for comparison.  The photo on the left isn't the greatest because the glass and old tape need replacing.  The photo of Molly is one that we found on the internet and not one that we took.
So what do you think?  Don't you think that not having bangs that our mum's grandma looks a lot like Molly?  We think that she will be joining us soon (we're going to order some items from her collection too, we'll do a photo shoot of them when that order arrives).

So is there a Molly doll at any of your houses?  Any suggestions or recommendations about Molly?

That's it for now.
Sophia and Emma :) :)

[ETA:  Our mum was kind of over enthusiastic  and overwhelmed.  After writing this post we sat down and reviewed our recent AG purchases and other doll related expenses and decided that even though Molly is going to be retired, that we just can't get her at the moment.  Down the road we can look for her somewhere like ebay.  We might get Alexis after all and just the minis of Molly and Emily.  Funny enough before our mum ever got her first full sized AG doll she wanted mini Emily:).   just wanted to let our readers know all of this.]

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sweets and bicycles

Hi Everybody,
It's Sophia and Emma AND Yoko :)Since there are 3 of us doing this post, each of us will have our own colour so that readers can tell whose point of view they are reading.

Colour code:  Emma-purple, Sophia-blue, Yoko-pink.

Our bike finally arrived.  I'm in front :)

 Now I'm in front and making my sister sit on the bike rack :) They think it's their bike but our guardian says the bike really belongs to me and my twin but we're going to share it with everybody.

And now for the sweets part of the post.  Our guardian had a craving for sweets so she and her mom made our delicious homemade caramel corn.  We decided to ask Yoko if she wanted some.  But she was too into her music and dancing and didn't notice that Sophia was talking to her.  So, I turned off the music.

 What are you doing?  Who turned off my music and why? I  did because you didn't hear Sophia asking you a question.  I asked you if you wanted some caramel corn.  Sure,  I have never had homemade caramel corn before.
 It sure tastes better than the stuff they sell at the movies back home.

Bye Yoko, it was nice hanging out with you :) 

Ok bye.  I guess I'll dance some more.

That's it for now.  Summer is almost here.  We hope to be able to have some outdoor adventures soon.

Sophia and Emma and Yoko too. :) :) :)



Monday, 10 June 2013

Picnic at the Public Gardens

Hi Everybody,
This is Yoko again.  Almost a week ago, I went with my guardian and her older brother on a picnic.  She took some pictures of me that I wanted to share with you.  This is a small sampling of them.  She took 60 in total.

Ramune!!!!!  That's a japanese kind of pop if you didn't know.  It has a marble in the lid that seals you drink.  If you try and say lemonade and you have trouble pronouncing r and l, many japanese do, it would come out sounding like ramune :)  and now that's a brand of pop.  If you want to know more, read about it:

And chips too, yum.

After we were done drinking the ramune, we cut off the plastic lid so that we could get out the marble to save (it's just a clear glass marble but I wanted to save it anyways).

Here I am all ready for summer.  Isn't this a great photo?

And a few pictures of me in a tree :)

Here I am at the fountain  :)

My guardian's brother trying to trick the duck into thinking he has food in his hand.  We aren't actually allowed to feed the ducks anymore.  Doesn't he have a cool tattoo on his arm?  He has a lot of tattoos by the way and most of them are photography themed. 

I hope you enjoyed my photos.  I am enjoying getting to know Halifax and Canada. 

Bye for now.

Yoko :)

Friday, 7 June 2013

Interviewing Yoko

Hi Everybody,
It's Sophia and Emma.  We are finally writing a post on our blog instead of letting all our friends blog for us :)
A while back we saw something like this on another blog and we decided we would like to try it.

Question:  What's your full name?
Answer:  Yoko Haru Suzuki

Question:  Where are you from?
Answer:  Tokyo

Question:  How did you learn English?
Answer:  My birth mother is from an English speaking country and when I was little she spoke English to me at home.  Then I studied English at school too.
Question:  Is Amaya your only sister?Answer:  No.  I have a lot of half siblings.  My parents are divorced and not only do I have half siblings but i also have step brothers and sisters.

Question:  How old are you?
Answer: 15, I'll be 16 next month on July 11th.

Question:  Who was born first, you or Amaya?
Answer:  Amaya unfortunately.  I was born 12 minutes after her.

Question:  Why did you come to Canada?
Answer: Because I missed my sister and wanted to be with her.

Question:  Do you have any other hobbies besides Dance?
Answer:  Yes, I like to make jewelry too.

Thanks Yoko for letting us interview you:)
Sophia and Emma :) :)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hello :) Nice to meet you :)

Hi :)

Fooled you didn't I??

My name is Yoko, I am not Amaya but rather her twin sister.  I arrived yesterday.  Here I am meeting Jadyn (and cooper :))

My missing bunny!!!  I guess Amaya took it with her but never told me.

Getting settled in my doing some ballet practice.  I have been doing ballet since I was very little.  Amaya likes art but it's all about dance for me.

That's it for now.  I'll tell you all more about me another time when I am more comfortable with blogging.  Right now everything is new and strange for me.

Yoko :)