Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Room Tour

Hello, We decided that it was time to do a room tour as we haven't done one on our youtube channel in a long time.  We have recently seen quite a few picture room tours on other blogs so we thought we would do one too.  The picture quality isn't the greatest but we hope you enjoy the tour anyways.
A side long view of our bunk beds (hand made by our human's dad)
Here's the top bunk (sophia's bunk).  No Emma and I don't ever switch bunks:)
Here are 2 of Sophia's stuffed animals.  By the way, the bedding is all homemade too:)
This orangutang belongs to Sophia, it's her favorite.
This is Emma's sock monkey, made from a monkey show kit.
Isn't this love puppy webkinz cute?  It's one of Emma's favorites.
This is what is usually behind Sophia's pillow:  her journal and her journal for song writing and her bracelet.
And what's behind Emma's pillow:  her glasses, her journal and her bracelet.
Here is an older picture of Sophia done up as a poster on the wall.
Another poster, this one is of  both of us
And another poster.
 And another poster.
This is our youtube anniversary banner from 2011.  It's up on our wall.
this is our dresser and the things that sit on top of it.
and here's our mirror

Sophia and Emma:):)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hi Everybody,
The leaves outside are at their most beautiful now, so we thought we would do a fall photo shoot.  We hope you enjoy the photos.
This is one of our favorite photos.Yes we are identical even though we don't look it in this photo.
Peek a boo:)  This one and the one below are my 2 favorite ones of me from this photo shoot.
Even on crutches I won the race but Sophia probably was just being nice and let me win.
I tried to fall out of the tree.  See the photo below to see that this has happened to me before!!!!
This is from the first photo shoot ever of me and Emma taken January 29th (there is a youtube video of it as we hadn't started our blog yet at that time).  There's a link to our youtube channel in the first ever blog post.
Our human helped Emma get into the tree.

I hope you enjoyed all the photos.  The really red tree is right outside our house:)  It is a new tree that was planted after the old one fell down during hurricane Juan.

Sophia and Emma :):)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween fun part 2:)
all of us around the table:)
oops, can't eat that!! (I am allergic to peanuts but Emma is not)  Good thing I spit that out and didn't actually eat or swallow any of it.
Amaya and a ghost:)
jadyn as a bat, marisol and mckenna
and finally us, I'm the Goddess Athena (based on how she's portrayed in the Percy Jackson books) and Emma is a witch.
Here is a group photo of us with our glowing pumpkin trick or treat bags.
This is how we got that cool glowing affect.  We used battery powered tea lights, finding small enough ones was a bit of a challenge but in the end we were successful.
Our 5 pumpkins (2 of had to share because only 5 pumpkins came in one bag), they have battery powered tea lights in them too.  Mini pumpkins are too small to safely use regular tea lights, the tops burn inside.
Our candy.
So that's it for Halloween.  These photos were taken a few days before Halloween because that's when we could have a party.  On the actual day, we listened to some halloween music and spent time together like we do almost every day.  Good thing we wanted to stay indoors, there was a lot of rain and thunder and lightning in the morning.
So what was your Halloween like?  A quick little quizz:)  Can you guess which one of us was the ghost?  Was it Sophia, Emma, Marisol, Rebecca, Jadyn, Amaya or McKenna???

Sophia and Emma :):)