Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!!!!!
Here are our pumpkins
Before we can carve them, we need to scoop out what we call "pumpkin guts"
Almost done.
drawing the faces:)
here are our designs.
and here are the final results and the battery powered tealights to go in them.
don't they look nice???

Check back here either later today or tomorrow for Halloween part 2 showing our costumes and celebration.

Sophia and Emma

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rollerblading Twins:)
So, Emma and I decided that we would try out our new rollerblades that got recently.  Our house has a very long (human sized) driveway, perfect for rollerblading and other similar activities.
Hurry up Sophia, I'm almost ready what's taking YOU so long.
I'm ready now, let's go Emma:)
wait up!!!!
watch out for that rock
Oh no, what happened?

I was in front but then I heard Emma scream and fall, so I hurried back to see what was wrong.
Amaya was watching and McKenna was on her way home from gymnastics, so they both came over to see how Emma was doing.
she's up, let's get her to the steps.
that's right, Emma has a cast on her broken ankle.  Emma didn't want any hospital pictures taken. And that's the story of how Emma broke her ankle.  See you next time for more pictures and adventures.

Sophia and Emma

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hi, this post is by Jadyn, one of our other friends who hasn't done a guest post before (but has been in photos here before). After the ferry ride that we have blogged about before, there is a great hiking path that is like being in a park or out in the country and it goes goes right past the community centre where  ur human goes  every week for one of her ballet classes. 
This shows the network of trails including the one I (Jadyn) went on.
Starting up the trail:)
There is this really cool tree just beside the trail.  I am sitting in it:)
Some art on a rock:)  The next 2 photos are more art like this.

And finally a tall ship that Sophia saw from the ferry (see previous posts) but somehow got left out.  Isn't it cool???

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Finally, a post just from me: Sophia:)
This is the harbour hopper, an amphibious bus that turns into a boat, it does city and harbour tours.  They are decommissioned military vessels I think.
Here I am sitting on the outside upper deck of the ferry looking at the water.
This is what the Dartmouth ferry terminal looks like as we approach it.  On your right you can see a dcoked ferry that looks just like the one we are on!!
My human does dance class over in Dartmouth on saturdays and I tagged along .  After class,. we went to the public library.
There were so many great books to choose from.  i finally decided on a samantha mystery:)
here i am doing a little reading before heading to the ferry again.
I thought this looked pretty:)  It is a chart of stars that kids put on the wall as part of a summer reading program.
Yummmm.  Eating fries;)
On the ferry heading home across the harbour to halifax at last. 
This picture and the next one are of these really interesting looking imprints from leaves in the sidewalk, art made by nature.

Here i am at home watching a movie with emma and telling her about what I did on this day (this happened a while ago)


Monday, 1 October 2012

Amazing AGtuber charity project:)  This blog post is a little different from what we usually do but we really want to spread the word.  A lot of you probably already know Ali (GOTYS: girl of the year studios) because she makes awesome videos and inspires all a lot.  She is Canadian like we are:)  She is using adsense to raise money to buy 10 AG dolls for kids who would never otherwise get one.  All you have to do is watch these 4 videos:)

Here is a direct link to Ali's channel

And last but not least, doll diaries (another amazing doll blogger) has done an interview with Ali.  Read the interview to learn more about the project.

SO, watch the videos and share them as widely as you can!!!

Thank you Ali and thank you blog readers:)

Sophia and Emma
Citadel Hill
This is another guest post by Amaya.  Halifax has old fortifications all over the place including up on top of citadel hill which is walking distance for humans from where we live.
Here I am looking down the hill from the top of citadel hill.  We didn't actually go into the fort area on this trip.
Looking through the fence at the fort.
You can see one of the buildings of the fort in this photo.
Here I am in front of the information panels, see the next photos for closeups of  the side ones.

That's it for the Citadel visit.