Sunday, 22 December 2013

Happy Solstice

Hi Everybody,
As we mentioned before, our family celebrates the winter solstice instead of christmas so we opened our presents yesterday:)  Just a head's up, this post is VERY full of photos.  There are were so many things we wanted to show you!!!!

Here we are with our stockings

hurray earrings!!!! Lucie is the one of us who doesn't have her ears pierced yet.  Her mom says she has to wait until she's 13.

We got earrings too.
This is Lucie speaking, my first present was a puppy!!!  His name is Milou after the dog in the French original version of the Tintin books.
Un cartable!!!  A school bag.  I wanted a change from my backpack.

Amaya and Yoko gave each other gifts.

A box????  Ah thanks Amaya.  Open it up Yoko, the gift is INSIDE.

You have been eyeing my totoro so I got you your own one.  I thought that one could never have too many canvases.

Playmobil figurines.  A veterinarian and a vampire.  FYI the hair was really difficult to put on. 

Winx club minifigs:)  If you don't know that awesome show, look it up, hint:  fairy girls with magic powers (Lucie loves the character Bloom).
We got winx club figures too.
A present for me (Lucie) from my friend Jacques back home in France.

It's Molly's first book.
Underwear????  OMG. We all got underwear by the way.  And an awesome bag.

Lucie's last gift.

I got mini Emily, my first AG doll :)

That's it for now from all of us.
We wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

Sophia and Emma, Amaya and Yoko and Lucie. :)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

December 2013 holiday goings on etc

Hi Everybody,
This post is going to be written by several different girls.

This is Lucie speaking.  Last saturday was my guardian's 17th birthday.  We didn't have a "7" candle so we used a 5 plus 2 stars:)

We also went to the Nutcracker that day.  Here I am waiting to go in and get seated.  I am wearing my new holiday outfit :)

Here we all are getting ready to decorate our gorgeous sparkly purple tree :)  Purple is Lucie's favorite colour. 

We all got to put ornaments on the tree.

Amaya says Lucie is heavier than she looks but she was still able to give her a boost to put on the tree topper.

Tree is all decorated and lit up too.
Here's another look at it :)
And finally here is Lucie trying out the new gymnastics equipment. 

Last but not least, if you get a chance, our guardian/mom has an entry in a gingerbread house contest her dance teacher runs every year.  Hers is the carousel  in group 3, voting is on thursday!!!!

That's it for now from:
Sophia and Emma and Lucie and Amaya and Yoko. :)

Friday, 6 December 2013

St. Nicholas Day 2013

Hi Everybody, Bonjour!!!
This is Lucie.  Today I celebrated St. Nicholas Day, a holiday more commonly celebrated in certain areas of France and other countries in Europe and people in North America of European ancestry.

Putting out my boots at bedtime last night.

Dreaming of candy and presents:)

Look what arrived while I was still asleep.

Exploring what is in my boots :)

Candy cane, chocolate, caramels and a mini mag :)  I also got some home made maple spicy nuts (no peanuts)

I love caramels.

St. Nicholas Day celebrates the life of St. Nicholas and is the basis for the more commonly know Santa Claus.  European immigrants to the US brought their traditions around St. Nicholas and then gradually in the mid 19th century this started to evolve into the Santa Claus most kids in the US and Canada know.  For me, St Nicholas doesn't look all that much like Santa but that's OK.  Other places in France celebrate on christmas eve and leave their shoes out for Pere Noel (father christmas as he is known in Great Britain.

No post on December 6th would be complete without remembering the 14 women who were murdered in Montreal on this date 24 years ago.  Go and google the Montreal Massacre.
Today is also the 96th anniversary of the horrible Halifax Explosion (look that up too).  sorry I didn't post any links.

A bientot
Lucie  :)

Friday, 29 November 2013

A little house cleaning

Hi Everybody,
This is finally Sophia and Emma.  The moral of the story is never say that you are bored because you will regret it when you end up cleaning up your room.  At least Sophia feels that way.

First of all we needed to eat lunch.
Realizing that we just got stuck with a cleaning job :(

The before picture.
Getting started.
How did lucie's rainbow loom bracelets end up in our room?

The after picture.
We ended up making our beds too.
Tada all done !!!!
And now for supper, fried noodles and potato pancake, like latkes only 1 big one instead of many small ones.

Lighting the candles.

Here's one last picture just for fun, it's not of us.

A little bit of hand balancing, McKenna holding Lucie up and Amaya spotting Yoko who is doing the splits.  Wish we were that flexible.

That's it for now.

Sophia and Emma :) :)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Trip to the farmers' market and other stuff too:)

Bonjour Tout le monde,
This is Lucie guest blogging.  Last saturday I got to visit the new farmers' market here in Halifax.  It has an awesome rooftop walkway and sitting area (when it's less cold out).
Here I am up on the roof.
By the way I got glasses.  I don't have to wear them all the time, they are just for distance.

We stopped to look at a couple of witch hazel trees on the way home.  I like to climb trees sometimes.

I got a maple sugar to eat while we were at the market.  It's shaped like a maple leaf.

I got new pjs too.
Finally a rainbow loom type loom that is my size.  It's one that collapses and expands.

Look what I made with my loom.

That's it for now.
Sorry there haven't been any blog posts recently.

Lucie :)