Thursday, 17 July 2014

Birthdays plus some extra catching up

Hi Everybody,
Sorry we haven't posted in so long.  Warning:  this post has a LOT of photos

Having fun outside before our birthday (Chloe and Zoe)  Chloe wants a turn with the bike.

Chloe getting a turn on the bike and Zoe is drawing with chalk.  Oops, we forgot to use our helmets, good thing we were staying in the driveway.
drawing with chalk together.
We drew a hopscotch
and now for our birthday which was on June 14th, also our guardian's half birthday.

zelfs!!!  They look a lot like trolls used to look like check out their website:

ugli dolls:  handsome panther and ninja batty shogun

we got a laptop too.

Mini Molly and Mini Ivy.  Zoe has since lost Molly's glasses unfortunately, she is upset about this.

these are year of the horse, this year is our year according to the chinese horoscope, pottery charms.  The chinese new year is also celebrated in Japan.
Homemade pizza, here is proof we didn't just eat cake.

Here is a birthday present we almost forgot about.  We love these locally made mini sweater monsters.  They are made by
Lissa got her ears pierced :)
From Canada Day, Lissa colored the end of her hair red and the dye got on her white shorts and jacket, luckily it washed out easily.

Amaya and Yoko had a birthday too (july 11th).  they celebrated by going to the pool at our guardian's grandmother's apartment building not far from where we live.

Don't have any photos but they also had cake and got a few presents too.  Their favorites are: fancy paper for Amaya and a new leotard for Yoko.

that's it for now.

Zoe and Chloe and friends :) :) :) :) :)

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  1. Joyeux Anniversaire en retard, Zoe et Chloe! It looks like you had a fabulous celebration. June 14th is just days after my sister Juliette's birthday on June 9th (oh dear, I haven't posted about that! oops). She'll be thrilled that you two share a birthday so close to hers. That pizza looks so yummy! Isn't Ninja Batty Shogun the cutest? I have him, too...well, my friend Jessa really owns him, but she lets me keep him in my room, hehe. :P