Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It's all about dance:)

Ballet and Jazz at least for this post.  We all both dancers, but we like different types of dance.
Here we are in our dance clothes, respectively in ballet and jazz first positions.
Emma has her hair in a bun for ballet, mine is in a pony tail because usually you don't need your hair in a bun for jazz.
Here are our feet, ballet shoes on the left, jazz shoes on the right!!!
Here we are stretching.  As you can see, Sophia is more flexible than me which is rather annoying.  I wish I were as flexible as she is!!!!
And more stretching.
And last but not least, practicing the splits.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Happy New Year:)
That is is you are Jewish!!!  Today is the first day of Rosh Hashanah.  It started at sundown last night.  Most Jewish Holidays start at sundown the day before and end at sundown.  Rosh Hashanah actually lasts for 2 days.  It's the only Jewish holiday that is a new moon holiday the only one that is celebrated for 2 days by Jews all around the world.  So, last night we went with our human and her family to our human's grandmother's apartment to eats supper and then once it was sundown to celebrate and eat sweet foods for a sweet (and lucky and happy) new year.  Jewish people use a different way of counting days, months and years and the year that starts today is year 5773!!!!  There are lots of websites to look at if you want to learn more about Judaism or Jewish holidays and traditions.
L'shanah Tovah!!!  Is the traditional greeting for Jewish New Year, it means "for a good and sweet new year".
Here we are eating dinner (everything was delicious)
Traditional foods:  honey cake, apple cake and slices of apple to dip in honey, yummm.  We don't like apples that much but honey makes everything taste better.
Isn't this a cute picture???  (it's a closeup of the apple slices and honey)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Amaya and McKenna guest post
Hi Everybody,
Amaya and McKenna got to visit the pool at our human's grandma's new apartment building.  Her grandma just moved in there last month.
Chilling on the grass by the pool, forgot to mention that it's an outdoor pool:)
And a back view, you can see the pool this time, that's the shallow end (the deep end isn't very deep though, it's not over our human's head).
Here they are relaxing and enjoying the sun.
McKenna is pointing out shapes in the clouds.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Emma visits Point Pleasant Park
This lovely park is a great place to visit and take your dog too.  I was wearing my glasses instead of my contact lenses on this day.
First thing I saw were some mushrooms growing on the ground but they aren't the kind you can eat!!!
This is Fort Ogilvie.  It was built in 1796 by Col. Ogilvie who named it after himself without permission it seems.
This hatch is welded shut.
Here I am standing on the back of a cannon:)
I'm climbing up between 2 trees in this photo.
It started and then stopped raining as we were getting ready to leave the Park and then I saw a rainbow.

If you want to know more about point pleasant park, there is a website of course: