Monday, 27 August 2012

Hi, it's me Amaya again.  Finally here is Part 2 of my adventures.  I hope you enjoy the photos as I enjoyed the adventures.  I'll be back another time for 1 more guest post with a friend that you have met before:)
Here I am at the Monkey Show cart.  They are between stores fronts just now.  3 of us have awesome (mini) sock monkeys made from kits from here. 
Our human picked up a kit to make an owl similar to this one.  Isn't it cute?  For more info and photos check out their website  they have a facebook page too.
I didn't really eat all of this but it sure looks delicious doesn't it?  This is from Two If By Sea's  Halifax location.  They have a website too:)  and of course a fb page too (the owner is a new dad as well))   There is even a pretty leaf pattern on the surface of the latte:)

Here I am hanging out with my human's dad (the one with the beard) and his brother (my human's uncle)
Here I am on the boardwalk.  That's Dartmouth across the harbour but it was a rainy and foggy day so you can't it very clearly.  My human takes the ferry across regularly for some of her dance classes.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Summertime fun

Hi Everybody,
We're going to be posting some of our very own adventures before we post the rest of Amaya's.  This week we went to the lake and made zipper pulls for our backpacks with our names on them.  Also, stay tuned for upcoming posts about individual adventures that Emma and I have had recently.
here we are with our backpacks (they come from Buildabear) and our beads.
Stringing the beads.
All done:)
Here's a close up, we really like them:)

Next up, the beach photos from Chocolate Lake (yes, that's really its name and no the water is not like chocolate).  This lake is walking distance from our house.
Dipping our feet in the water.
Sitting on our towel and digging in the sand (somebody else had started this when we found it).

Catching some rays, relaxing together at the beach.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Hi Everybody,
We haven't managed to put a new post on our blog for almost a month, sorry about that!!!  Our human was very busy taking part in her brother's wedding and spending time with visiting family members.

But our friend Amaya did manage to have quite a few adventures during that time and here are some pictures that show what she did and where she went.

Bodiless Amaya at the Discovery Centre.

Here's an exhibit about the sources of drinking water for Halifax and how to conserve water.  We live right by the Ocean but we can't drink that water.

That's all for today.  We'll try to post more tomorrow!!!