Friday, 25 January 2013

computer in the shop :(

The desk top computer that we twins share with our human is in the shop.  We don't know what's wrong with it or when it will be fixed (it's a small shop and there are 9 computer ahead of us in line and now it's the weekend and they don't work on the weekends).  Our human's awesome dad has put together a temporary system for us to be able to be online but we can't upload photos from our camera because the camera software isn't installed on this temporary system.  So, we can't really blog just now but if you want to reach us, we are online as usual.

Sophia and Emma and friends.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

It's McKenna's birthday!!!!

Hi Everybody,
It's Amaya :) Today was McKenna's 12th birthday.  It was just her and me hanging out, everybody who lives here had other things to do but made sure that they wished McKenna a happy birthday. 
Here is her first present
It's a webkinz figurine.
Here it is after she took it out of the package, she was so excited she couldn't wait to open it.
And here is the second gift (it's from me:))
Hair clips!!!  I thought McKenna might like these for gymnastics.
Another gift.
Can you guess it is from what is peeking out?
That's right, it's an ugly doll.  It's gragon.
Thank you for all the gifts.
Actually there is one more:) Here's cooper for you McKenna.
Thank you for looking after him for me.  You can keep him in your room if you like, and we can take turns taking care of him.  I (amaya) have spent almost my whole life sharing my room with my twin but the dog has been a lot less annoying and I don't have to share my stuff with him.
Ok, back to McKenna's birthday.  It's time to blow out the candles, make a wish McKenna.
Here's a close of the cake from the front.  It's in the shape of a star and the candle are sparkly blue.
It was delicious:)  We are so lucky that our human makes us real homemade (edible) food.

Amaya :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Our birthday

Hi Everybody,
Here is the other post about what we got and what we did on our birthday.  Sorry some of the photos are slightly out of focus, we're still getting used to working with the amazing canon rebel:)
Here we are on the Halifax Oval outdoor skating rink.  (right before the wind blew us over!!!)  No worries we're fine.
A stack of presents.
Opening a present.
it was a radio that actually works
another gift each.
ooh from AG!!!!
a sweater and a watch each!!!!
the last 2 gifts, what can they be?
Let's open them.
Ugly dolls!!!!!!
oh there's one more and the bag it's in is bigger than us.
see how big it is?
We were trying to figure out how to get what was in the bag out so Sophia jumped in the bag, to see what she could do about it.
Sophia couldn't get out of the bag without help so I knocked it over (sophia was not hurt by the way).
This is what was in the bag (sophia is crawling out of the bag).
We are finally getting whatever it is out of the bag!!!!!
What do you think this is?
It's a gorgeous made in Canada toboggan from responsibly harvested wood.  The company makes human sized toboggans as well as ones for Maplelea (a Canadian company that makes 18" dolls similar to AG but our human prefers the AG dolls:)
Here we are with all our presents but unwrapped this time.  As well as the ones we mentioned above, we also got a puzzle, a ping pong set and some tiny pony figurines and lip gloss even though we don't use makeup very much.
and finally cupcakes!!!!!!
This is our favorite picture of that day:)

Sophia and Emma :) :)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy Birthday to Us!!!!

Hi Everybody,
Today is our birthday!!!  We are turning 14.  We went skating, and opened presents and had cupcakes.  Here is 1 photo, we'll be back in a couple of days with the rest of the photos.
 We each got a ugly doll:)  and we're wearing our new sweaters and watches which are also birthday gifts.  Icebat is Sophia's and secret mission icebat is Emma's.  Our human has the 7" size of secret mission ice bat:)

Sophia and Emma :):)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Everybody,
Happy 2013:)  We hope you all have a good year.  This is a post that we are doing jointly with Amaya.
Here is a photo of all of us that celebrated together taken on New Year's Eve
It was getting late so we decided to get into our pjs and watch a movie (street dance, which is about street dance crews in London England)
Here we are eating Mochi (the homemade ones are so much tastier).  We had a very japanese themed New Year's Eve and Day.  Mochi is made from sticky rice and can be quite gluey in some recipes.  Apparently a few people choke to death on it each year????  But we had ones that were sweets and not the gooey in soup kind, so no risk of choking around here.
Here I am (Amaya) eating soba noodles just after midnight, another japanese good luck tradition.  In Japan New Year's is a big deal and is celebrated from dec. 29th to about jan. 3rd.  For example, everybody cleans on dec. 31st and it's considered bad luck to take a bath or shower on january 1st. 
People send a lot of new year's cards too, I expect I'll get at least one from my family once we get mail again (today is a holiday so there is no mail delivery).
I forgot that we were supposed to save the mochi and eat it on january 1st.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on some much better tasting homemade mochi (it came from my human's favorite sushi restaurant:)).  Here I am eating it.  I have a furry roommate just now:)  Cooper is actually McKenna's but he is a birthday surprise (no she doesn't read the blog so please don't tell her!!!) and I am hiding him in my room until her birthday on jan. 17th.  I am really enjoying him though and kind of wish he was my dog.  I will have to help McKenna with him I think.

Once againg, happy new year!!!  What did you do to celebrate the end of 2012 and the arrival of 2013?

sophia and emma and amaya:):):)