Monday, 27 August 2012

Hi, it's me Amaya again.  Finally here is Part 2 of my adventures.  I hope you enjoy the photos as I enjoyed the adventures.  I'll be back another time for 1 more guest post with a friend that you have met before:)
Here I am at the Monkey Show cart.  They are between stores fronts just now.  3 of us have awesome (mini) sock monkeys made from kits from here. 
Our human picked up a kit to make an owl similar to this one.  Isn't it cute?  For more info and photos check out their website  they have a facebook page too.
I didn't really eat all of this but it sure looks delicious doesn't it?  This is from Two If By Sea's  Halifax location.  They have a website too:)  and of course a fb page too (the owner is a new dad as well))   There is even a pretty leaf pattern on the surface of the latte:)

Here I am hanging out with my human's dad (the one with the beard) and his brother (my human's uncle)
Here I am on the boardwalk.  That's Dartmouth across the harbour but it was a rainy and foggy day so you can't it very clearly.  My human takes the ferry across regularly for some of her dance classes.

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  1. Hi Amaya,

    That latte looks so good! You are making me want some coffee right about now; I'm a coffee nut!

    I love the sock monkey owl!


    P.S. To Sophia and Emma, Juliette and I don't travel together because Juliette doesn't enjoy it like I do. She's so often busy with ballet and doesn't want to be bothered. Another reason is because my guardian has a hard time just taking one of us, let alone two, especially if we're traveling so far and so long. Now maybe there will be a special trip where Juliette comes along - like back to Europe? - but generally I travel solo.