Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Marisol's birthday (finally!!!)

Hi Everybody,
Mckenna here again:)  This party actually happened before Sophia and Emma and Amaya left for the doll hospital, that is on april 19th.
Instead of cake we had amazing homemade gingersnap cookies:)
Here are some of Marisol's presents.  These are hair elastics.

And here are iwako erasers, really fun japanese puzzle erasers.  We have a giant collection of them.

Here she actually opening a gift. 

It's a mini lalaloopsy (sorry if this is spelled wrong) called Dynamite, we think it's a superhero one.

And one more present, can you see what it is?

It's an ugli doll.  Around here ugli dolls seem to be a common birthday present :) 

That's it for now.
McKenna (guest posting yet again)

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