Friday, 17 May 2013

Gone again:(

Hi Everybody,
This is Sophia and Emma.  We're sad to say that our friend Amaya had a relapse and had to return to the doll hospital.  Her new wig seems to have a manufacturing defect.

ouch ;(  as you can see there is a piece of hair that wasn't sewn down.

this is what it should be.

good bye amaya get well soon.

Our mom is very upset about this.  We had to call AG 3 times today to sort out what to do.  She did not want a replacement doll.

And it's recital season so she is very busy for the next 3 weeks so look for more regular postings after that  (we won't miss our blog anniversary though :) :))
That's it for now.
Sophia and Emma :) :)

1 comment:

  1. Dia duit, Sophia and Emma!

    Aww, poor Amaya! I hope she gets well soon! I'm sending air-hugs her way!

    ~ Saoirse