Thursday, 6 September 2012

Emma visits Point Pleasant Park
This lovely park is a great place to visit and take your dog too.  I was wearing my glasses instead of my contact lenses on this day.
First thing I saw were some mushrooms growing on the ground but they aren't the kind you can eat!!!
This is Fort Ogilvie.  It was built in 1796 by Col. Ogilvie who named it after himself without permission it seems.
This hatch is welded shut.
Here I am standing on the back of a cannon:)
I'm climbing up between 2 trees in this photo.
It started and then stopped raining as we were getting ready to leave the Park and then I saw a rainbow.

If you want to know more about point pleasant park, there is a website of course:


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  1. Hey Emma,

    No Sophia this time? I thought you two always traveled together! :o
    I'm just kidding, of course. Just because you two are twins doesn't mean you have to do everything together - you are two different people, even if you look essentially the same!

    You look nice in your glasses! I wear glasses, too, but generally I wear my contacts 24/7. I'm not so good at taking care of my glasses. I've broken a couple of pairs, so my parents decided that contacts are probably a better option for me. ;)