Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween fun part 2:)
all of us around the table:)
oops, can't eat that!! (I am allergic to peanuts but Emma is not)  Good thing I spit that out and didn't actually eat or swallow any of it.
Amaya and a ghost:)
jadyn as a bat, marisol and mckenna
and finally us, I'm the Goddess Athena (based on how she's portrayed in the Percy Jackson books) and Emma is a witch.
Here is a group photo of us with our glowing pumpkin trick or treat bags.
This is how we got that cool glowing affect.  We used battery powered tea lights, finding small enough ones was a bit of a challenge but in the end we were successful.
Our 5 pumpkins (2 of had to share because only 5 pumpkins came in one bag), they have battery powered tea lights in them too.  Mini pumpkins are too small to safely use regular tea lights, the tops burn inside.
Our candy.
So that's it for Halloween.  These photos were taken a few days before Halloween because that's when we could have a party.  On the actual day, we listened to some halloween music and spent time together like we do almost every day.  Good thing we wanted to stay indoors, there was a lot of rain and thunder and lightning in the morning.
So what was your Halloween like?  A quick little quizz:)  Can you guess which one of us was the ghost?  Was it Sophia, Emma, Marisol, Rebecca, Jadyn, Amaya or McKenna???

Sophia and Emma :):)

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  1. Salut, Sophia et Emma!
    It looks like your Halloween party was a success. Although we don't really celebrate Halloween in France, my friends and I are having a party tonight. I'm introducing them to fun, American celebrations. ;)