Saturday, 9 February 2013

LOTS of snow!!!!!

Hi Everybody,
This post is just a quick one to show you what kind of weather we've been having today.  Lots of things have been cancelled or postponed.  The libraries are all closed and dance class for our human was cancelled.  There aren't any photos of any of us because it is still snowing and we weren't allowed out until the snow stops.  Once it has stopped we'll get out there and enjoy the wintery weather.
snow on the back deck earlier in the day.
snow drift next to the compost bin in the driveway.  See how much it grew during the day in the next photos.

The snow is up over the human's boots, she's standing in a bit of a drift though.  That's it for now.  Check back tomorrow or monday to see if we added more snow photos.

It's not as snowy as lots of places in the US eastern seaboard (Boston for example) but it's still the most snow in one storm here in several years.
Sophia and Emma and friends :) :)

Here's a photo from sunday.  It snowed more over night and we piled the snow higher too.  This is Amaya standing next to a snow mountain.
Snow pile right by the front stairs.  Does Amaya have a death wish?  This is quite steep.
Amaya standing on the snow mound from yesterday's photos.
Making a snow angel.
Going down the wood pile in the backyard onto the deck.  That's it for the snow update for now.

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