Thursday, 15 August 2013

Been to NYC? No :(

Hi Everybody,
This is Amaya and Yoko again.
Here are some photos that we had not yet shared with you.  We'll explain about the New York part after that.

Our guardian's brother and his wife went to NYC and they actually went to the AG store and got us these shirts :)

Yoko dancing and I'm wat ching          
we're at the pool     

Bikes and inline skates are fun!!!! (Yoko is on the bike) 

we took turns riding the bike.  

 Amaya on the ladder .

Yoko worried about me . 

I convinced her that she should climb up and join me :)

I also climbed the fence but yoko said she was NOT coming up and that it was a bad idea in general.

Soccer in the back yard!!!! 

A pretty photo of Yoko. 


We're relaxing on the trampoline.

That's it for now.
Amaya and Yoko  :) :)

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