Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pride Parade Halifax:)

Hi Everybody,
It's mini saige and Yoko's guardian because mini saige belongs to Yoko.  Anyhow, this post has lots of pictures from the parade.

 Here I am waiting for the parade to start.  Amaya made a flag for me.

I had a great view of the parade from Yoko's guardian's pocket :)

Police horses.

Volunteer Youth Police program members and one police cadet too.

The person carrying the sign is the guardian's older brother.

RCMP (royal canadian mounted police).  This is the national police force here in Canada.  We also have city police forces and some provinces have provincial forces too.  But in many smaller and rural areas, all the law enforcement are done by the RCMP .   Yes some of them do ride horses too :)

the bus says happy pride :)

Circus performers :) 

Yoko's guardian takes circus classes and she knows most of the circus performers who were in the parade including this guy on stilts.  He high fived her :)

Crazy footwear!!!!

 Isn't this a large dog?  Yes he is wearing a skirt.  He doesn't look like he minds one bit :)

We saw a lot of greyhounds, sometimes called gay hounds in this kind of setting.

Another giant dog, a big black great dane wearing a lab coat!!!

An all women's football team.  Didn't know there was one here.

OMG it's a dalek on the halicon  float :)  Yes we are Dr. Who fans in this household.  At least the guardian's parents are for sure.  There is a local comic convention that takes place here in Halifax.  That's what Halicon is in case any of you were wondering.

Local roller derby team members.



 Awesome peacock feathers on this costume.  Sorry it's kind of a slanted side view!!!

That's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed the parade photos.

I'm handing the blog back over to the "big girls" soon :)

Mini Saige :)


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  1. Halifax Pride looks really fun! I live in NYC so I get to go to the Heritage of Pride parade in Manhattan. It's really fun and I even get to march in a delegation for children of lesbians and gay men. It's awesome!