Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Trip to the farmers' market and other stuff too:)

Bonjour Tout le monde,
This is Lucie guest blogging.  Last saturday I got to visit the new farmers' market here in Halifax.  It has an awesome rooftop walkway and sitting area (when it's less cold out).
Here I am up on the roof.
By the way I got glasses.  I don't have to wear them all the time, they are just for distance.

We stopped to look at a couple of witch hazel trees on the way home.  I like to climb trees sometimes.

I got a maple sugar to eat while we were at the market.  It's shaped like a maple leaf.

I got new pjs too.
Finally a rainbow loom type loom that is my size.  It's one that collapses and expands.

Look what I made with my loom.

That's it for now.
Sorry there haven't been any blog posts recently.

Lucie :)


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  2. Salut Lucie,

    I love your lace shirt! Aren't Liberty Jane clothes the coolest? I was eying that one for myself. It sure looks nice on you, though!

    Cute glasses! I actually wear glasses sometimes, too, but I hate them! I wear contacts generally.

    Yum, maple sugar! I love that stuff! It's better than chocolate . . . at least I think so.