Friday, 6 December 2013

St. Nicholas Day 2013

Hi Everybody, Bonjour!!!
This is Lucie.  Today I celebrated St. Nicholas Day, a holiday more commonly celebrated in certain areas of France and other countries in Europe and people in North America of European ancestry.

Putting out my boots at bedtime last night.

Dreaming of candy and presents:)

Look what arrived while I was still asleep.

Exploring what is in my boots :)

Candy cane, chocolate, caramels and a mini mag :)  I also got some home made maple spicy nuts (no peanuts)

I love caramels.

St. Nicholas Day celebrates the life of St. Nicholas and is the basis for the more commonly know Santa Claus.  European immigrants to the US brought their traditions around St. Nicholas and then gradually in the mid 19th century this started to evolve into the Santa Claus most kids in the US and Canada know.  For me, St Nicholas doesn't look all that much like Santa but that's OK.  Other places in France celebrate on christmas eve and leave their shoes out for Pere Noel (father christmas as he is known in Great Britain.

No post on December 6th would be complete without remembering the 14 women who were murdered in Montreal on this date 24 years ago.  Go and google the Montreal Massacre.
Today is also the 96th anniversary of the horrible Halifax Explosion (look that up too).  sorry I didn't post any links.

A bientot
Lucie  :)

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