Sunday, 22 December 2013

Happy Solstice

Hi Everybody,
As we mentioned before, our family celebrates the winter solstice instead of christmas so we opened our presents yesterday:)  Just a head's up, this post is VERY full of photos.  There are were so many things we wanted to show you!!!!

Here we are with our stockings

hurray earrings!!!! Lucie is the one of us who doesn't have her ears pierced yet.  Her mom says she has to wait until she's 13.

We got earrings too.
This is Lucie speaking, my first present was a puppy!!!  His name is Milou after the dog in the French original version of the Tintin books.
Un cartable!!!  A school bag.  I wanted a change from my backpack.

Amaya and Yoko gave each other gifts.

A box????  Ah thanks Amaya.  Open it up Yoko, the gift is INSIDE.

You have been eyeing my totoro so I got you your own one.  I thought that one could never have too many canvases.

Playmobil figurines.  A veterinarian and a vampire.  FYI the hair was really difficult to put on. 

Winx club minifigs:)  If you don't know that awesome show, look it up, hint:  fairy girls with magic powers (Lucie loves the character Bloom).
We got winx club figures too.
A present for me (Lucie) from my friend Jacques back home in France.

It's Molly's first book.
Underwear????  OMG. We all got underwear by the way.  And an awesome bag.

Lucie's last gift.

I got mini Emily, my first AG doll :)

That's it for now from all of us.
We wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

Sophia and Emma, Amaya and Yoko and Lucie. :)