Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year's Eve 2013/New Year's Day 2014

Hi Everybody,
I know we're a few days late getting this posted but here goes anyways:)  This post is by 6 of us:) (and 2 mini dolls too:))

Eating homemade sushi for supper, yummy!!!!

Watching the new Wolverine movie on New Year's Eve (movie watching is a traditional activity around here on New Year's Eve:))  Amaya and Yoko liked that most of the movie took place in Japan.

Eating soba noodles at midnight, a Japanese good luck tradition for starting the new year.  In Japan, the calendar new year is a very big holiday even though they also follow the chinese horoscope years.

This photo is from New Year's Day and we're eating mochi in soup called Ozoni, another traditional food for good luck.  The mochi is either square or round depending on what part of Japan you are from.

GOTY minis, 2013 and 2014.  Our guardian's pics of mini Isabelle were featured on Doll Diairies as she was one of the first people to get mini Isabelle (she got her in December!!!!!).

Here are 2 bonus pictures:

Happy 15th birthday today to Sophia and Emma, more pics of that coming soon:)

Atlantic Canada like a lot of the eastern US was slammed with a blizzard, lots of snow and very cold weather yesterday.  Here is Lucie not enjoying the snow and wanting to come back inside NOW.

That's it for now.
Happy New Year Everybody

Sophia, Emma, Amaya, Yoko, Lucie and McKenna (and mini Saege and Isabelle) :)

p.s. Here is a contest that you can enter to win some exclusive items that were given out at AG stores for Isabelle's debut:

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