Friday, 16 May 2014

Happy Belated Easter and exciting news :)

Hi Everybody,
This is Sophia and Emma.  We know easter was a while ago but here are a couple of fun photos.

A look inside Sophia's easter basket, she didn't get peanut butter eggs like the other girls but the rest of her basket is exactly the same.

Here we are all together enjoying our easter candy :)  Yes there are now 3 sets of twins in our household, (Zoe and Chloe aren't identical twins the way the 2 other sets are).
That's it for easter fun.

Now for the big exciting news:  Chapters/Indigo is opening an AG specialty boutique right here in Halifax where we live.  We found out by accident last week when our mom was shopping there.  Halifax is the biggest city in Nova Scotia and AG is supposedly putting one of those boutiques in each province, so it makes sense that it would be in Halifax.  We know this is true because the employee said that they already even have AG stock in their back room!!!  It's hard to believe as there are not even any rumors circulating yet about the Canadian specialty boutiques after the rumors about Winnipeg.

That's it for now.
Sophia and Emma :) :)

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