Sunday, 9 December 2012

Here come the holidays:)

Hi,  sorry we haven't posted in a while!!!  A few days ago, we decided to start decorating out house for the many december holidays that get celebrated around here.  That includes hannukah, the winter solstice and of course our human's birthday which is this coming week:)  we don't celebrate christmas but santa visits anyways on the solstice and we love decorating our tree.  The winter solstice where we live marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year.  Who wouldn't want to celebrate the return of the light as the days start to grow longer again.
Here we are looking at the calendar and realizing that the holidays are coming soon and that we should start decorating.
we invited our friends to help us.
Here are our stockings (Sophia is on the left and Emma is on the right)
Here are ALL the stockings.
Here is our first  tree (yes it's a long story but we have 2)
here is the box of all our ornaments.
Emma got tangled up in the lights so I had to help her get free:)
Hanging up the first ornaments.
Here are McKenna and Amaya hanging up ornaments.
And Rebecca and Jadyn too.
And finally Marisol.
Here we are with the fully decorated tree.
Here's another picture of the tree.  The next couple of photos are more tree shots from different angles.

In this picture you can see our poor tree leaning sideways which is why we got a second sturdier tree.  This one is a pine tree but it's really a few small plants grouped together.  The second tree (photos below) is a rosemary tree, trimmed into the triangle shape needed.  We (our humand and her family) killed our last 2 rosemary trees, wish us better luck this time.

And finally here is a closeup photo of our sun tree topper.  Welcoming the return of the sun and longer days.
Happy Holidays everybody!!!

Sophia and Emma

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  1. Salut, Sophia and Emma!
    It looks like you and your friends had a fantastic time decorating. Everything looks so nice and festive. My twin sister, Sandrine, decorated a purple tree for our room.

    PS: Where did you get McKenna's striped tunic? I absolutely love it!