Thursday, 27 December 2012

Holidays part 1

Hi Everybody,
Happy Holidays.  This is part 1, written by me Sophia and my twin Emma.  Part 2 will come later and will be probably be written by Amaya.

Here are some pictures of what we got for Solstice, which is what our family celebrates.
Here we are with our stockings.
and here's what we had in our stockings:)
Yum!!! Maple sugar santas:)
We each got our own bag of presents.
Opening what Emma and I got for each other.
Mini winx club figures, thank you sophia!!!
We each got a nutcracker too.
Amaya is an artist, homemade sparkly wrapping paper (note from amaya:  the glitter spread everywhere).
A japanese puzzle from Japan from Whisper of the Heart, a studio Ghibli film.
We were wondering why Rebecca got an ugly doll and we DIDN'T.
Rebecca go Handsome Panther, we are quite jealous but we have a birthday coming up really soon, a chance for us to get more presents (hint, hint, hint to our human:))
And finally, we got Amaya her own (mini)AG doll:  Josephina.

That's all for now from us, so what did you get?

Sophia and Emma.

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  1. Happy Solstice, Sophia and Emma! :) You and your friends received some lovely gifts. We particularly love Rebecca's new UglyDoll! Do you girls have your own UglyDolls yet? I (Sophie) have four! Juliette got her first one this past year, for our birthday.

    ~Sophie and Juliette