Saturday, 29 December 2012

Holidays part 2

Hi Everybody,
As promised this is part 2 written by me Amaya:)
Here I am with my present bag.  Most of my gifts were from my family back home in Japan.
This one is from my twin sister, yes I am a twin just like Sophia and Emma.
OOOOH coloured pencils, I really needed a new set.
A second gift from my twin sister.
It's a little kimono wearing stuffie dog.
My parents sent me the totoro (he's from the movie of the same name) and the journal.
Somebody pointed out that there was still something in the bag???
It's a handmade card from my siste Yoko.  Here is the outside.  It's pretty good from even a more amateur artist than I am.
Here's the inside.  In case you can't make it out, it says:  Hi Amaya, it's your one and only twin sister.  I love you and I miss you.  anyways, I hope you like the presents.
And here is that picture again of the doll that Sophia and Emma got for me.


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