Thursday, 17 January 2013

It's McKenna's birthday!!!!

Hi Everybody,
It's Amaya :) Today was McKenna's 12th birthday.  It was just her and me hanging out, everybody who lives here had other things to do but made sure that they wished McKenna a happy birthday. 
Here is her first present
It's a webkinz figurine.
Here it is after she took it out of the package, she was so excited she couldn't wait to open it.
And here is the second gift (it's from me:))
Hair clips!!!  I thought McKenna might like these for gymnastics.
Another gift.
Can you guess it is from what is peeking out?
That's right, it's an ugly doll.  It's gragon.
Thank you for all the gifts.
Actually there is one more:) Here's cooper for you McKenna.
Thank you for looking after him for me.  You can keep him in your room if you like, and we can take turns taking care of him.  I (amaya) have spent almost my whole life sharing my room with my twin but the dog has been a lot less annoying and I don't have to share my stuff with him.
Ok, back to McKenna's birthday.  It's time to blow out the candles, make a wish McKenna.
Here's a close of the cake from the front.  It's in the shape of a star and the candle are sparkly blue.
It was delicious:)  We are so lucky that our human makes us real homemade (edible) food.

Amaya :)

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