Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Our birthday

Hi Everybody,
Here is the other post about what we got and what we did on our birthday.  Sorry some of the photos are slightly out of focus, we're still getting used to working with the amazing canon rebel:)
Here we are on the Halifax Oval outdoor skating rink.  (right before the wind blew us over!!!)  No worries we're fine.
A stack of presents.
Opening a present.
it was a radio that actually works
another gift each.
ooh from AG!!!!
a sweater and a watch each!!!!
the last 2 gifts, what can they be?
Let's open them.
Ugly dolls!!!!!!
oh there's one more and the bag it's in is bigger than us.
see how big it is?
We were trying to figure out how to get what was in the bag out so Sophia jumped in the bag, to see what she could do about it.
Sophia couldn't get out of the bag without help so I knocked it over (sophia was not hurt by the way).
This is what was in the bag (sophia is crawling out of the bag).
We are finally getting whatever it is out of the bag!!!!!
What do you think this is?
It's a gorgeous made in Canada toboggan from responsibly harvested wood.  The company makes human sized toboggans as well as ones for Maplelea (a Canadian company that makes 18" dolls similar to AG but our human prefers the AG dolls:)
Here we are with all our presents but unwrapped this time.  As well as the ones we mentioned above, we also got a puzzle, a ping pong set and some tiny pony figurines and lip gloss even though we don't use makeup very much.
and finally cupcakes!!!!!!
This is our favorite picture of that day:)

Sophia and Emma :) :)

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  1. Salut Sophia and Emma!

    It just clicked with me that you two kind of look like Juliette and me. I mean, I know you are redheads while we aren't, but our faces look very similar. I feel like Sophia resembles Juliette, while I resemble Emma, but maybe that's just me being silly. Haha, at any rate, I've always wanted to know what it'd be like to be a redhead! :P I guess I sort of know now!

    You two had a great birthday! I love that you got to go ice skating (my friend, Nathalie, is probably jealous - she's Canadian and a figure skater and is always missing home!). I love the toboggan; Maplelea clothes and accessories are always so well-made! Ooh, and the cupcakes look too pretty to eat! I'm sure they tasted yummy, though.