Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy Birthday to Us!!!!

Hi Everybody,
Today is our birthday!!!  We are turning 14.  We went skating, and opened presents and had cupcakes.  Here is 1 photo, we'll be back in a couple of days with the rest of the photos.
 We each got a ugly doll:)  and we're wearing our new sweaters and watches which are also birthday gifts.  Icebat is Sophia's and secret mission icebat is Emma's.  Our human has the 7" size of secret mission ice bat:)

Sophia and Emma :):)


  1. Joyeux anniversaire, Sophia et Emma!
    I have the exact same jacket and watch that you two have. I love both things; I got them for my birthday, too.
    Enjoy your UglyDolls!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sophia and Emma! You two received some great presents. Ice Bat and Secret Mission Ice Bat are two of my favorite UglyDolls. I had to have them both, along with Abima and Ninja Batty Shogun! :)