Sunday, 28 July 2013

Amaya and Yoko's birthday party

Hi Everybody,
This is Amaya and Yoko again.  We finally got around to having a party to celebrate our birthday which was back in early July.

Opening our first presents.  By the way, Yoko is wearing the red shirt.  That is mini saige and the AG travel artist set (in the box) with a few extra art things added.  The easel was one of my favorite present (this is Amaya speaking now:))

Here's a better look at mini saige :)I really love her.

Amaya got a stuffie Totoro and I got a pair of black boots :)

Ugli dolls!!!!  ice bat and wippy

Exchanging our gifts for each other, necklaces, one with a paint pallet charm and the other with a ballerina charm.

Our delicious brightly coloured layer cake!!!!  We each got our own cake.

Eating cake with our friends, it was delicious.  Mini Saige looks as if she wants some of Yoko's piece of cake.

That's it for now.
Yoko and Amaya :) :)

p.s. this is mini saige speaking, I managed to sneak off and have an adventure yesterday without Yoko noticing.  Stayed tuned for more about that another time.
p.p.s I want to have adventures, I am real after all but Yoko doesn't know that.

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