Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hinamatsuri 2014

Hi Everybody,
It's Amaya and Yoko.  Yesterday march 3rd was Girls' day also called the doll festival in Japan.  For more information, check this wiki link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hinamatsuri
and also our post from last year.
And for extra check out the amazing superinky's blog post about this.  We love her hello kitty hina dolls and are trying to get a set ourselves from the internet :):)
scroll down if she has a new post by the time you see this.

Here yoko is telling to stop using my laptop and help her clean off the dresser so that there is somewhere to put our hina dolls.

 Cleaning off the dresser together.
Our hina dolls are stored in a beautiful japanese wrapping cloth. 

More set up.

Our dolls are a wall set.  Here they are.  This kind of set is very easy to store.

We made japanese food to celebrate.  These are inari (the pouch ones) and onigiri, the ones in between the 2 rows of pouches.  They are rice wrapped around filling made with molds.  In Japan these are often sold in convenience stores or vending machines as well as restaurants and grocery stores etc.

These are the molds for the onigiri.  There is an awesome japanese ikebana store around the corner and we bought the molds there.

That's it for now.  We were going to add some pics from Valentines' day that we never got around to posting but there are so many great ones that we decided to do an entire (very belated) valentines' day post after all.  Look for that sometime soon.

Amaya and Yoko  :) :)

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