Thursday, 6 March 2014

Looking for information about something on Lucie's neck

Hi Everybody,
Sorry to post not from a doll's point of view but I wanted as wide an audience as possible.  Yesterday I discovered some marks on Lucie's neck.  They look almost like an artist's mark but I am not sure at all.  She is copyright 2012 according to her tag but I got her in 2013. Yoko who is copyright 2013 does not have this on her neck.  It looks just like the ones on this preMattel Felicity that is for sale on ebay.   The marks look like this:

And here is a link to the ebay auction:

Does anybody know anything about this or what they are?

Toby aka doll mom or guardian on this blog :)

ETA:  Just checked all my dolls and 3 others have these marks too.  2 of them came back from the doll hospital with new heads and have these marks.  The other one I got in 2011.


  1. Not sure! :/ Weird!

    1. Hi Meghan,
      Here is the answer I got when I asked on Doll Diaries:
      " Mattel continued to use the heads after they bought out Pleasant Company, you will see heads still with artist marks. when Mattel started to manufacture heads with the change in names of American Girl, the artist marks were not used. The body’s tags and the artist marks have no correlation.... hope this helps. By the way it is a good thing to have a doll with an artist mark."
      In other words, the thing I was wondering about on Lucie's neck is indeed an artist's mark.