Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March break (and purim too :))

C'est Lucie :)  Hello, this is Lucie blogging today.

In spite of my papa's wishes, I did not have to spend March break in France but got to stay here in Canada.  Because of travel time, I would only have gotten to spend a couple of days with each of my parents (they live in different cities in France) and would have spent just as much time traveling as visiting.  So instead, I'll go to France sometime in the summer.  Instead I got to go to the Natural History Museum and see a kangaroo named Jack.

He's a red kangaroo :)

At first it looked like we wouldn't get a good look at him as he had had a long day by the time we visited the museum and here he is just barely poking his head out of his safe place, a large animal crate.  He is only  1 year old, so he isn't very big yet.  He will be 7' tall when full adult around 10 years of age, or so the naturalist told us.

komodo dragon lizards:)  The scratches on the guy's arm are from jack the kangaroo, not the lizard.

Here are 2 little snakes.  Not sure what kind but I liked the 2 of them both peeking out at the same time.

Here I am at the museum. 

Check out my fancy hair, it's called a ribbon waterfall twist.  It's not really that hard to do.

And much to everybody's delight, Jack did finally come back out for a little while.  He has a stuffie kangaroo too:)

And finally one purim picture of Emma and Yoko reaching for a piece of hamentashen :)  That's Amaya and Sophia in the middle.

That's it for now.

A la prochaine, until next time.
Lucie  :)

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