Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hi, this post is by Jadyn, one of our other friends who hasn't done a guest post before (but has been in photos here before). After the ferry ride that we have blogged about before, there is a great hiking path that is like being in a park or out in the country and it goes goes right past the community centre where  ur human goes  every week for one of her ballet classes. 
This shows the network of trails including the one I (Jadyn) went on.
Starting up the trail:)
There is this really cool tree just beside the trail.  I am sitting in it:)
Some art on a rock:)  The next 2 photos are more art like this.

And finally a tall ship that Sophia saw from the ferry (see previous posts) but somehow got left out.  Isn't it cool???

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  1. Hi Jadyn,

    I really like the idea of painting on rocks! What a great way for people to express themselves artistically.

    That is a cool tree, by the way. I'd love to climb something like that.