Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rollerblading Twins:)
So, Emma and I decided that we would try out our new rollerblades that got recently.  Our house has a very long (human sized) driveway, perfect for rollerblading and other similar activities.
Hurry up Sophia, I'm almost ready what's taking YOU so long.
I'm ready now, let's go Emma:)
wait up!!!!
watch out for that rock
Oh no, what happened?

I was in front but then I heard Emma scream and fall, so I hurried back to see what was wrong.
Amaya was watching and McKenna was on her way home from gymnastics, so they both came over to see how Emma was doing.
she's up, let's get her to the steps.
that's right, Emma has a cast on her broken ankle.  Emma didn't want any hospital pictures taken. And that's the story of how Emma broke her ankle.  See you next time for more pictures and adventures.

Sophia and Emma

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  1. Salut, Sophia and Emma!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog that I share with my very own twin sister as well as my friends. We'll definitely be reading and following your blog.
    Rollerblading sounds like fun! I haven't done it before, but I've been ice skating. I'm really uncoordinated, so I tend to fall a lot, but it's still fun.
    I hope Emma's ankle heals quickly. I haven't broken my ankle before, but I did break my arm as a result of a bike accident. It wasn't fun.