Monday, 1 October 2012

Amazing AGtuber charity project:)  This blog post is a little different from what we usually do but we really want to spread the word.  A lot of you probably already know Ali (GOTYS: girl of the year studios) because she makes awesome videos and inspires all a lot.  She is Canadian like we are:)  She is using adsense to raise money to buy 10 AG dolls for kids who would never otherwise get one.  All you have to do is watch these 4 videos:)

Here is a direct link to Ali's channel

And last but not least, doll diaries (another amazing doll blogger) has done an interview with Ali.  Read the interview to learn more about the project.

SO, watch the videos and share them as widely as you can!!!

Thank you Ali and thank you blog readers:)

Sophia and Emma

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