Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sweets and bicycles

Hi Everybody,
It's Sophia and Emma AND Yoko :)Since there are 3 of us doing this post, each of us will have our own colour so that readers can tell whose point of view they are reading.

Colour code:  Emma-purple, Sophia-blue, Yoko-pink.

Our bike finally arrived.  I'm in front :)

 Now I'm in front and making my sister sit on the bike rack :) They think it's their bike but our guardian says the bike really belongs to me and my twin but we're going to share it with everybody.

And now for the sweets part of the post.  Our guardian had a craving for sweets so she and her mom made our delicious homemade caramel corn.  We decided to ask Yoko if she wanted some.  But she was too into her music and dancing and didn't notice that Sophia was talking to her.  So, I turned off the music.

 What are you doing?  Who turned off my music and why? I  did because you didn't hear Sophia asking you a question.  I asked you if you wanted some caramel corn.  Sure,  I have never had homemade caramel corn before.
 It sure tastes better than the stuff they sell at the movies back home.

Bye Yoko, it was nice hanging out with you :) 

Ok bye.  I guess I'll dance some more.

That's it for now.  Summer is almost here.  We hope to be able to have some outdoor adventures soon.

Sophia and Emma and Yoko too. :) :) :)



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