Sunday, 14 July 2013

Happy Bastille Day 2013

This is Sophia and Emma we just wanted to wish any French readers of this blog a Happy Bastille Day,  Joyeux 14 Juillet (our mom's mom is a translator and is bilingual, (and that means she knows how to speak French).

And in other news, we survived being played with by our mom's 6 year old cousin including being forced to wear pink party dresses, apparently we were going to the prom.  I,  Sophia in particular really, really don't like pink or dresses.  The cousin also thought I should wear Emma's glasses too.  Emma did not want me to wear her glasses. 

Also, mum took Becca's original wig off today and it was a lot easier to do than she had thought it would be.

That's it for now.

Sophia and Emma :) :)

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