Thursday, 11 July 2013

More birthdays

Hi Everybody,
This post is by Sophia and Emma and Yoko.  We'll be colour coded for your convenience (just for Yoko)  :)  This post will have LOTS of photos to make up for yesterday's one that had none.  We hope you like them.

We decided to wake Yoko up on her birthday :)

What do you want????  Just let me get up and get dressed ok?
 Ok, hurry up!!!!

Oh wow, presents!!!

The card says it's from my birth mom (not my step mom)

Oops I opened it upside down

It's definitely not an AG doll

An Amelia Thimble doll by Wilde Imagination.  She is a 4" tall fully articulated doll, wow, she is tiny and amazing.

This card and gift are from us :)

A gorgeous locally made hairclip.  My guardian knows the talented maker of this.

And now it's time for cake (doesn't that hairclip look great on Yoko ?)

 The cupcakes were delicious.  Thanks everybody for making my birthday special even though my twin Amaya couldn't be here.

That's it for now.  You might not hear from us for a little while because we are out of town family arriving for a week long visit.  But there should be at least one blog post after they leave with photos of the fun stuff we do together.

Sophia and Emma and Yoko :) :) :)



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