Monday, 1 July 2013

Canada Day 2013

Hi Everybody,
It's Yoko again :)  I just celebrated my first Canada Day in Canada :)  We don't have a national holiday in Japan in the same kind of way that Canada Day or American July 4th or the French National Day, called Bastille Day in English, are celebrated. 
So I went with my guardian and her mom on the ferry over to Dartmouth this afternoon.  The ferry was free (and packed!!!) for Canada Day, a food bank donation was suggested and we did that both ways.

Here I am on the ferry with my flag :)  They were handing out free flags at the ferry terminal.  The weather has been rainy and chilly on and off but we got lucky today and missed all the showers and had a very pleasant time whenever we were outside.

Over in Dartmouth there was an artists' show going on with live music and activities for kids too.  These paintings were some of the ones that we saw and that I really liked.  They made me think of Amaya and I'm sure she would have begged to come too if she were here.
The next couple of photos are from the same artist.

Here I am upstairs in the atrium near the library.

This lovely mermaid all decked out in Nova Scotia tartan is a permanent art display.  Can you see me in the photo?  There used to be all kinds of lobster statues around town but now there are just 2 mermaids.

Here I am on the bridge on a wonderful waterfront trail that starts from the ferry terminal building.  Jadyn has taken this trail from the other end (and a different ferry terminal).

Here is the bridge I was standing on.

Further along the trail there is a whole lot of public wall murals.  Here I am standing under one of them.

Here is a larger shot of some of it.

This is what the ground looks like under the murals.  I'm sure this is what our bedroom could look like if Amaya got carried away and I didn't make her clean up after painting.

I was standing under the very left part of this wall.  The next photo is the other half of this wall.

All of these murals are part of an art project.  Here is a plaque telling about the project.

And people can even add their own work if they want according to the rules on this sign.

This is another nearby mural.

And finally here is the last mural art pictures.

At the artist fair we got some other items too.  These are actually my guardian's but they are really cool and I wanted to show them to you.  A handbound small notebook and a very colourful marbled paper covered pencil.

And last but not least, we got one of the fishes that this guy was selling.  Can you guess what they are made out of?  The first time we saw them we thought that they were glass but they are not breakable:)

Here I am holding the one we picked.  These fish are made out of recycled pop bottles!!!  How cool is that? 

Here is a close up of our fish.  The clip is so that it can be hung up.  I think I want to hang it in my room:)

Weather depending there may or may not be fireworks later this evening and I may or may not get to go.  More about that another time.

That's it for now.  So happy Canada Day to you all :)
Yoko :)

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