Friday, 5 July 2013

The doll revolt (a surprise guest post by the Mom:))

Hi Everybody,
This is an unusual post by me Toby, the human  behind these dolls and their blog.  Tonight there are going to be fireworks because on Canada Day it was grey and foggy and the fireworks were postponed until today.  Well, it has been hot here and I do mean HOT.  Yesterday it got up to 100 F almost 40C for those who prefer that system.  I was going to take at least 1 doll with me tonight to the fireworks but there was a revolt.  They all decided that they wanted to stay home, nobody wanted to travel there and back with me (about 15-20 minutes walk each way).

This is me asking and them all saying NO.

Since nobody wanted to come, they decided that we'll reassess on july 14th and see if we celebrate Bastille Day (the French holiday) instead.  The dolls all seem interested in learning more French history.
 That's it for now, no I'm not taking over their blog.  I'm off to the fireworks, bye!!!
Toby :)

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