Monday, 15 July 2013

Hopping around the harbour :)

Hi Everybody,
This is Yoko.  Today in spite of the REALLY HOT weather I went with my guardian and her uncle and aunt and cousin on a tour of the city and the harbour on the harbour hopper.  It was hot enough to make my vinyl squishy, my guardian was a little concerned but I'm fine now.  For those of you in the US the temperature on the thermometer in the driveway here in direct sun was almost 109 degrees (43 celsius for those of us using the metric system). 
We couldn't get any photos of the boat so here is a link to the tourist info instead:

This video is from 2009 and it's not very high quality but it gives you a good idea of what downtown Halifax looks like:)  My guardian's family members who were on the harbor hopper with us are visiting from Maryland.

We did take a few photos, sorry they are not very great but here they are anyways.

This is a very old church in the city square.  Apparently there is a legend that this building is haunted.

These are cormorants.

This is the only photo of me and my guardian, her uncle took the photo and cut off her head, oops.

And finally this photo is from today but earlier on.  McKenna survived a park visit with the 6 year old cousin. 

That's it for now.

Yoko :)
p.s. maybe next time I guest post here Amaya will be back.

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