Friday, 22 March 2013

A little this and a little that :)

Hi Everybody,
It's Sophia.  First of all, an explanation, we will now be referring to "the human" as our guardian or mum depending on whether or not she has adopted us.  For Emma and me, she is our mom:)

Emma started the day by tossing her belongings all over the place as she looked for her glasses and their case.
Here is she is getting in MY bed?????  I rudely informed her that she needed permission to go in my bed.
She ignored me and started digging through my stuff.
All my stuffies ended up on the floor:(
oops how did those get up there?  tee hee hee.
Emma did not think it was funny.  In fact she was VERY mad at me and said she wished she didn't have a twin.
She shoved me and I lost my balance and fell and hurt my left arm.
We were being pretty loud so mum came in and caught Emma pushing me. She took Emma out of the room to talk to her and I gathered up my stuffies.
Here I am with my laptop in my cozy upper bunk.  I have an ice pack on my sore arm.

On a happier note, here are links to 2 interesting school projects about the Holocaust that you can contribute to, we already did this.  Our mum's mum's side of the family is Jewish.

By the way, Emma and I almost never fight and it even more rarely comes to blows.
That's it for now.
Sophia :)

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