Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Hi Everybody,
There will be a passover blog post later, this one is all about easter:)  In our family,  even though we are Jewish,  we celebrate the non religious parts of easter that people celebrated from long ago.  Who doesn't like to eat candy and chocolate:):)
We had an easter egg hunt in the house.  Here's Marisol finding an egg in her room.
Jadyn found one too.
So did we.
There is an egg in the cup that holds Amaya's paint brushes.
Mckenna can't quite reach this one.
And finally a family portrait:  from left in the back: Marisol, Emma, Sophia, Amaya.  In the front from the left:  Rebecca, McKenna and Jadyn.  That's all 7 of us who live here.
We hope you are having a great easter.
We'll be back later to talk about passover.

Sophia and Emma (and friends) :)

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