Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter egg decorating and passover #6

Hi Everybody,
Today we decorated a few easter eggs as well, so we are posting twice in one day and of course adding one more thing you can eat during passover :)
Here we are (us twins and Amaya and McKenna) with the 4 eggs we decorated.  We each did one, 2 of them are dyed and 2 of them are a little more artistic.
Here's a close up of the eggs.  The one on the upper left is Amaya's and the one next to it is McKenna's.  The front left one is Sophia's and of course that means the blue one is Emma's.

Today we ate butter and cinnamon sugar on some matzoh, it was very tasty although messy. 

And finally, for a while now McKenna has been asking us a lot to show a photo of her brand new pierced ears.  This was a home piercing done with a thumb tack (completely free:):))  It was a lot easier than mum thought it would be.  McKenna is wearing some of mum's old stud earrings.  Mum almost never wears studs anymore, she prefers dangles or hoops.
Don't that look nice?  The earrings are blue studs with star dangles.

That's it for now.  We'll be back tomorrow with easter candy and seder foods.

Sophia and Emma :) :)

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  1. We were going to nominate you guys for the bloggler award but saw you already were .. we love your posts and are excited to read on more .. Hugs, Taryn