Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hinamatsuri (doll festival or peach festival)

Hi Everybody,
It's Amaya.  Today, March 3rd is Girls' Day in Japan.  This post is about that holiday and celebrating it here in Canada where I am right now.
These are the hina dolls that belong to the human.  She has a set of them that she found at the flea market for a very low price, even though she isn't Japanese.  These dolls represent the emperor and the empress or a prince and princess.  Traditionally the male doll is placed on the right.  Here is a wiki article about them:
Here I am with the travel version of hina dolls that my parents sent me.
Here is a close up so that you can get a better look.
Here is the sushi that we of course had for supper tonight (no I didn't eat all of this but the human sure did!!!) If you were wondering, the green pod looking things are edamame (green boiled soybeans).  I didn't get a picture of it because I haven't eaten it yet but there is mochi for dessert.
Since I haven't shown you this yet, here is a picture of my ribbon board.  Except for the one of us as toddlers, all the pictures are of my sister.  I need to add some of me soon:)

And finally here are 2 cool youtube links about girls' day that I found following a link from the Just Bento website

That's it for now.  I hope you enjoyed learning about Hinamatsuri or Girls' day.  By the way. yes there is a boys' day, it's  May 5th  :)

Amaya :)

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  1. Hi Amaya,

    Thank you for sharing your Hina Matsuri celebration with us! I love the dolls you found in a flea market, and I'm totally drooling over that sushi - I love sushi!