Sunday, 31 March 2013

Seder at last, aka passover #7

Hi Everybody,
Today we finally did our seder, it was very small and very simple, just our mum and her mum and dad.  First of all, I want to explain that we started with passover food #1 on the first NIGHT of passover so we might end up doing 9, passover lasts for 8 days but it starts at sundown the day before the first day as do all Jewish holidays.

This is a homemade haggadah which is basically a prayer book for passover, it tells the story and talks about the foods, has prayers and songs etc.
This is the seder plate.  The seder is the special meal that happens during passover.  Because we are vegetarian, we use a roasted beet instead of a bone.  Also, since wasabi is horseradish and we didn't have any other horseradish we used some wasabi:)  Here is a link for explanations of the seder and the hagadah etc.

Our candles.  We light candles and bless them as part of the seder.

There are 10 plagues as part of the story.  We drip wine (or grape juice in our case because none of us are old enough to drink alcohol) onto the plate, 1 drop for each plague.

As part of our supper tonight we matzoh kugel, which is today's passover food:)

That's it for now.  We'll be back tomorrow.

Sophia and Emma :) :)

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